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Liz Benny Podcast InspirationIn this first-ever episode of Kapowkast, Liz Benny talks about how to get inspired. You know, ever since she was a little girl, she’s been out to change the world. Find out what gave her inspiration along the way, what types of people she looks up to, and how you can find your own inspiration, which will help drive YOU to whatever YOU feel your ultimate success story might be!

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Hey everyone! It is Liz, and I want to welcome you to the very first episode of Kapow with Liz.

So, today I really want to talk to you about inspiration, to be honest with you. I see a lot of people out there in the marketplace right now really, really, really trying hard and getting nowhere. So, what I really want to talk to you about is inspiration, and what my inspiration is, in hopes that it will help you dig deep to find your own inspiration.

See, here’s the deal. You know, I just got my very first crack at being online, my very first challenge of being in internet marketing. Things turned out pretty well. I turned my very first big project into a million dollar webinar, and it was just absolutely phenomenal! But, what people don’t see guts, and the inspiration, and the heart, and the tears, and the energy, and the downs that actually go into creating that type of success.

So I really want to talk to you about what my inspiration has been, in the hopes that you are going to be able to find your inspiration as well. When I was a little girl, I knew that I just really wanted to make a big difference in the world. That might sound cliché, and I really don’t give a shit if it does sound cliché because that’s just a fact of my life.

I always knew that I really wanted to be someone, and I was looking to make a difference. Many people have that feeling, and it’s a beautiful feeling, but it’s also a very, I guess, daunting feeling as well. It’s overwhelming like, “Oh my God! I just want to save the world. I want to help the world. I want to do so much.” Right? So, it really is a very overwhelming feeling sometimes, but with that said, ever since I was just a little kid, I just really wanted to make a difference.

Of course, I didn’t know as a kid how it was going to happen. I still don’t know exactly how it’s going to happen. I have a very good idea of where I’m going now, but here’s the big deal that I want to talk to you about. It wasn’t until the barriers got out of the way that I really, really, really jumped in and allowed my true inspiration to shine. What I really mean by that is I always knew that I wanted to be someone, and sometimes stuff just has to be out of your way first before you can become the person that you know yourself to be, right?

I had to break up with my ex-boyfriend. You know? He wasn’t the right person for me, and I always knew that, but I didn’t want to, I don’t know, hurt him. I wanted to live the perfect life too, and it wasn’t a bad relationship, it just wasn’t a great relationship. So, it is an example of one of the things I had to get out of the way. I always had my inspiration. I’d look at people and like Oprah going, “Oh my gosh, she’s made a difference in the world.”

You know, a lesson on people as well. People who have started up charities and stuff. Those people who have gone out of their way and have struggled through thick and thin to do good in the world, those people are my inspiration. They were always there when I was in my former relationship and other stuff that was holding me back. The inspiration was always there, but it wasn’t until I was ready to absolutely…was like Kapow! Right? It wasn’t until I was ready to Kapow that my inspiration really and truly kicked in.

That was when I was like, “You know what? Fuck it! I have to do this. I absolutely have to be that version of Liz Benny,” because if I’m not that version of Liz Benny, then I’ve failed. If I don’t give the world my full self. Like everything. Like try my absolute hardest to be the best version of myself ever, then I have failed. That might sound overly perfectionistic and overly harsh, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. That’s my belief system. If I’m not my full self, I’ve failed.

In terms of inspiration, I find such inspiration in people that have gone out and made a difference in the world. Watching the results that those people have created, whether they have fed five people or 50 million people, it really…all of that is making a huge difference. Of course I want to make a huge impact. Like, I’d prefer to feed 50 million people instead of just five, but the person who has made a difference in five people’s lives is also absolutely incredible in my book.

So, I absolutely get inspiration from anyone who has made a huge difference in the world and who is absolutely leading with a heart of gold. Leading with a knowing that they’re here to make a difference and that they’re doing everything humanly possible, often putting themselves out, be it financially, energy-wise, you know, whatever…be it knowledge. Often people put themselves out, and I just love watching people who have made a difference in other people’s lives, and I love watching them see the impact that they’ve had on other people’s lives.

That’s truly where I get absolutely inspired.

I would urge you to find inspiration. Find at least five people who truly inspire you, and find out how it was that they did what it was, or that they do what it is that they do that inspires you. I don’t know, you might be a weightlifter. Like, who is it that inspires you? You might be a marketer. Who is it that inspires you? Right? And, don’t hack. Don’t just copy absolutely everything that they’ve done. You’ve got to do it your own way, or else you’re just a copycat. You’ve got to do it in your own way, but make sure that you find someone, or some people who you can gain inspiration from.