Executive Team

LIZ | C.E.O.

I’m the Queen of Kapow who leads the amazing KAPOW team to help the world. I’m stupidly passionate and the ‘crazy’ one on the team.


Liz has so much to think about. I came into her business to keep an eye on the total picture and make sure everything’s working well.

Specialist Team


I deal with all things in Liz’s business in the financial realm, while making sure that the business runs smoothly and harmoniously.

KIERON | Tech Stuff

I’m the Chief Geek who takes care of all the coding, techy and fiddly online moving parts that just need to work. I make it so!

EMILY | Media Buyer

I’ve been buying media for online marketing projects for a number of years and am excited to be working with Liz.

MELISSA | Creator Of Space

I hold the space for Liz to step into her truth. I’ve known her for many years and am excited to be a part of this team and watch the mission grow.

TANA | Support

I’m a proud member of Liz’s team and the first point of contact for many customers. “Have a Kapow Day” is my normal sign off now!

CAVIKA | Operations

I help make sure that Liz’s head doesn’t explode. I’ve seen it happen to other entrepreneurs like her and it ain’t pretty!

NANCY | Healer

Whatever you’re looking to achieve in life, there may be some things you need to work on. I’m here to remove those blocks so you can fly.

JEFF | Project Manager

Look, Liz is crazy right? Her ability to create is amazing. My role is to assist in ensuring that wheels continue to turn in Liz’s machine.