Liz told me I was being “Selfish” by not sharing my message, and how to use virtual assistants to grow their businesses virtually. Not only did she help me change my whole direction in life, but she showed me how to start a movement. I get tagged on Facebook DAILY, sometimes by people I don’t even know as “THE” resource on Virtual Assistants, and Outsourcing…. I’ve seen people call me the “Outsourcing Tycoon” and the “King of Outsourcing”, which is pretty funny to be honest, but I’m so glad I’m inspiring so many people to build sustainable businesses powered by a virtual team!


As an already successful business person, Tony was looking for a different ‘coach’ when he reached out to me. Specifically, he wanted a coach who’s walked the walk he wanted to walk in the online space so he could launch his wildly successful program “BE FULFILLED” to the world. His vision is to assist both men and women around the world in truly living fulfilled lives whilst doing the same living in Italy with his wife Amber.


So, this is a strange one. No, not Mike! But how Mike found me. Basically I exposed a scammer, Mike saw my video exposing him, he bought Kapow Course, then applied for Ultimate Kapow and 3 months later his life looks completely different. I love what Mike does… he LISTENS to me… and takes action on what I say so he’s able to have the biggest impact for his family, his clients, students and the charities he supports.


I don’t do bullshit… And I can smell it a mile away. And I can tell you Liz Benny smells like honeysuckle on a spring day, just after a rain. So she had me at no bullshit… But she’s also really smart, insightful, intuitive (actually sort of freakishly so), and really invested in her tribe. And she’s funny as hell! So that means she’s fun to spend time with. She surrounds herself with amazing people, starting with her lovely hearted wife Kristi Lissy Atkinson. Liz is the real deal and I literally send a prayer out to the universes everyday thanking it for her. And she absolutely gives us everything we need to be successful, if we choose to grab hold of it.


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Jason and Amber… wow! These two are a formidable team at the top of their company in Network Marketing and they’re dead set on creating a program that allows Network Marketers to get over the steep uphill battle to success. One that took Jason and Amber 7 years in the basement. Now, years later and with a significantly different financial experience, Jason and Amber’s course “Walk with Lions” is set to change the Network Marketing industry forever. Mark my words…

The Wick’s Website


This amazing young woman has had as much dental work done as it would cost to pay for a College Degree after being born missing 14 teeth thanks to genetics. This weirdly cool fact coupled with her insane passion for social media and online marketing has led Karlyn to create the quintessential online program for Doctors in the Dental space. “Ultimate Crown”, Karlyn’s program, is so smart and systematic that it’s becoming the much needed lifesaver (and business saver) dentists, and the like, need to survive in today’s business.


With over a million fans on social media Jay wasn’t shy to ask if I actually knew my stuff before hiring me. He pushed. He asked if I could keep up with him. He told me he wanted to hit it out of the park, and that he is. With the creation of his brand Elite Coaches Academy, his webinar and sales funnel Jay is set to hit his target of a million in record time. He pushes hard. He has high expectations of himself and others and he’s genuinely committed to the success of his customers and clients.


Coming from a rich background in finance, Beau’s passion is helping soon to be retirees have the financial stablity and know how to enable them to live a right up until they no longer Kapow on this earth. Since working with Liz Beau has created a killer course, brand, webinar and sales funnel that and is due to launch his online program shortly. His goal – helping 10,000 people to live RichLives with this help. Beau is a pleasure to mentor and kick up the butt when he needs.


Not long ago Jonny was a cleaner and with the creation of his online program and brand he’s gone on to do far in excess of an average salary in America. One thing I love about Jonny is he follows instructions, despite his natural tendency to be all over the place, the systems and anal retentiveness provided to him has ‘calmed’ the spinning plates and allowed Jonny to focus long enough to get results. It’s so amazing now to see Jonny online being looked up, having been through this experience myself when I started to “make it” online.


This guy has captured my heart in a very amazing way. I see Nico kinda like a little brother. A gay little brother who took a swift kick in the butt from me on a coaching call one day when he wasn’t showing up as himself. I sent him away and he came back stronger. Now he’s created his second online program and is changing lives all around him, because he started with changing his own life first. I love this guy and will continue to enjoy watching him evolve.


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“OH MY GAWD! I did it!” This statement has been said in my house, by my wife and my kids over 100 times. Why? Because it’s what Patricia yelled on Facebook Live when she sold her first program. Her story is deep too. I am not at liberty to say, but let’s just say… If Patricia can create an online program that sells, so can you. I’m so proud of Patricia for her fortitude. Most would give up. She keeps going because she wants a better life and has the tools now to achieve it!


If someone said to you that you could launch an online program then basically jump on a plane and go over to 3rd world countries with your family and still make a ton of money you wouldn’t believe them, right? Well Alison did just that. She had her webinar layout ready, but no course, not system, no funnel, not brand…and very soon later (like 2 weeks) she was live and making money. Ever since I have loved getting messages like, “Liz Benny I cannot thank you enough!” and “Liz Benny I owe you so much!” I just love that she’s doing something that’s helping her feel alive!


Not many men tear up openly online… and I’ll never forget a teary FB video message from Robb where he was on holiday in Hawaii with his family. His tears were because he finally had residual income coming in to support the holiday. He’s come a long way from then… with a full blown Facebook Ads agency now and an online program that supports people in creating the same levels of financial success that Robb now has where he’s able to be a fully present father alongside his wife, Erin.


Talk about transformation! WOW! Ramon has gone from far below the ‘comfortable living’ income to making over half a million dollars. How? Well, he was a dude in Puerto Rico who had passion, way too many ideas… and time on his hands. I told him to focus on one thing that he loves and now he’s literally got Instagram wanting to partner and build software alongside him. From a kid who wanted to make it… to a big kid who’s made it.


Liz is helping me realize my potential as a marketer! Here I was thinking of myself as soley a change agent of love, which I am, and with that being said, I never really put the two together….Love and Marketing! However, without the marketing part – I can only reach a limited amount of people. Liz is helping me play a bigger game in life! She is helping me reach millions with my message! Liz Benny truly is the kindest, smartest, sweetest, most savvy, beautifully driven, HEART-CENTERED, kick my butt when I need it – business coach of all times! She is truly the best!”


Holy moly! When I first met Gee I was blown away with her potential! She’s so passionate about juicing (the healthy way) and helping brides to be feel confident, sexy and toned on their wedding day with her Wedding Day Body Plan. She’s gifted. She’s smart. She’s English and she’s taking on the world with her new bubba and new hubby by her side! She has the Ultimate Kapow unbreakable record of 100% conversion on a webinar – Not even I can beat that!


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Talk about ooozing passion and energy, “Hot Toddy” is setting the records straight in the Franchise and Quick serve restaurant industry. Having struggled for years and FINALLY making millions in his own franchise Todd is committed to teaching franchisees how to actually have success in their business. No more sleepless nights. No more employee problems. No more worrying if they can pay for the stock with last month’s income. Nope… Not with Toddy on board. I see Todd working directly with the corporate offices of Starbucks, Jamba Juice and many more with his Franchise Freedom online program that he’s created.


I first found Liz online in 2015 and quickly consumed Social Monkey Business; within 2 months had paid it off and by month 6 I had quit my job to work for myself so that I could be home with my young kiddos. Flash forward two years, and it was a no brainer to sign up for Liz’s Kapow Course to take my own professional goals to the next level. I knew that if I could achieve the results I’ve had with her online courses alone that the opportunity to work with her directly in the Ultimate Kapow would positively influence me for the rest of my life.


This duo of Kapow has lots of awesomeness up their sleeves. With about 10 different programs they could have created with their wealth of knowledge, they’ve landed on two. Michael is hitting the world market as a consultant to entrepreneurs who are ruthlessly committed to grow their businesses from 7 figures to beyond in revenue. Meanwhile, both Michael and Rayna are taking Real Estate Investing by storm with Real (Estate) Date Night. They are teaching people to stop saying “I should have invested in Real Estate” and are getting them investing by teaching how to find great investment property and literally have others pay for it. Who wouldn’t love a great Date Night.