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Learning To Love Your Life

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Learn to love your life - Liz Benny

I want to help you on your journey of learning to love your life: I am absolutely committed to assisting others in doing the same. It’s one of those cool things to realize that you have complete power and control over your life, your decisions, your choices and your destiny. Getting to that point can sometimes be more challenging.

With that in mind, here’s a few tips to get you started on getting really passionate about what you do…

Find your passion

It’s surprising that so many folks are not clear on what it is that they’re passionate about. I believe, though, that if you’re really honest with yourself and dig a little, it’ll be blindingly obvious. Now, grab the courage to pursue it!

Liase with like minds

Socialize with people you want to be like. If you can’t find them in person, read biographies of people who have done things you find inspiring, have achieved a goal you want to achieve or who have characteristics you want to possess.

Treat yourself

Human beings love being treated… so it’s important to feel treated! Now, even on a shoestring budget you can treat yourself and make yourself feel special.


Visualize and talk about your future life as if it’s already yours. You’re not lying! You’re creating certainty in doing this!

Contribute to others

Find a way that you can help others, especially if you feel like crap yourself. Helping others creates this amazing oozing of positive emotion in us that’s make you feel just so damn good! 

Go into nature

Now, I’m not saying you need to go “HUG A TREE”. What I am saying is that being in nature is such a revitalizing, decalcifying experience that you’ll likely come walk right into loving your life, or at least get insight into HOW it is that you’re meant to do so.

The tips are simple – Implementing them however, is the part that requires slightly more effort on your part. So ask yourself today, do you love the life you lead? If not, what are you committed to doing to make a positive change in your life. Many of the folks that I now work with and mentor worked long, unrewarding hours in professions they really were impassionate about. They wanted to find a purpose (greater than themselves), they wanted to contribute but didn’t know how they would be able to at the same time as paying the bills, living their life, raising their kids etc. Now, I have a team of folks who love their lives, contributing to others through their efforts and living a life filled with passion.