love your results in life and in business | Liz Benny

How To Love Your Results In Life And In Business

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love your results in life and in business | Liz Benny

The topic of love is not a new one. Philosophers, coaches, entrepreneurs and even McDonalds talk of love, or use the concept of love in their businesses. I’m a firm advocate of loving what you do, loving who you are and this article today is about how you can love your results in life and in business.

In society today there is a misnomer that you can’t possibly have a life you love without seriously disadvantaging other areas of your life. So, to get to a point where you love your results you must, for example, sacrifice a relationship, lose money, suffer hours of stress or even sell your firstborn child to the gods of antipodes. Yes, I am being a little facetious, but that’s just to get the point across.

The First Step

The first step to personally getting to the point that you’re in love with the results you’re creating, or have created, is to define for yourself a scenario of what life would be like for you when (not if) you have the results that you desire. This is extremely important, because without the knowledge of what your ideal results actually are, you’re driving in the dark with no map of where you’re going.

After working out for yourself what results you’d love to create, both in your life and business, you’re next step is to develop and maintain a belief that you, yes YOU, are actually able to (and more so that you DESERVE TO) have results in your life that you’re totally in love with. The deservability part of that last sentence is the killer for many. I mean, you can’t actually have the 6 or 7 figure business that you operate from anywhere around the world, or the car, the boat, or the perfect, most sensual and outrageously successful relationship? Right? Wrong! And it’s time to start thinking differently if you’re not used to thinking that you deserve stuff. You deserve anything you desire (as long as it’s not hurting you, or another person in the process).

Here’s the key though…

…some people make it to the “I deserve” stage and then fail to move to the “I will take personal responsibility for the actions I need to take to get me the things I deserve”. This is YOUR next stage in learning to love your results in life and in business. You must take action… towards your desired results, on a consistent basis. I’ll repeat that – on a consistent basis.

Finally, with all the societal norms out there, with people underachieving massively and really achieving results that they are completely OUT OF LOVE with, why not make a stand for yourself and decide now to start either loving your results or changing your results so that they’re ones you absolutely love.