having your cake and eating it too |Liz Benny

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

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having your cake and eating it too |Liz Benny

We live in a world of “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. Today we look at this belief and at how relevant it actually is in our society today. I believe the person(s) who made that lovely saying up was/were gravely mistaken. ‘Having your cake and eating it too’ IS possible in business, and we’ll look at how this is possible as an entrepreneur.

Having your cake is OK!

The whole concept of “to have one’s cake and eat it too” began as an English idiomatic figure of speech and although the original concept is simply eight words strung together, the meaning behind the words is often used negatively. Not cool right? Because it alludes to the supposed fact that the person owning a thing cannot actually benefit from that thing at the same time.

For example, as an entrepreneur in business it is often supposed that to be financially successful you must first risk thousands and thousands of dollars, or spend years struggling financially to finally reap any benefit whatsoever. So, you can’t be financially successful without struggle supposedly. You can’t be financially secure without years of hardship, loss of relationships and/or health, again supposedly.

So, it is thought by many that you can’t be financially successful as an entrepreneur, whilst at the same time have a balanced, happy stress free lifestyle. Despite this, however, there are many families and/or individuals who are thriving in their business life as entrepreneurs, whilst at the same time living lives that some would class as a dream life.

Here’s the Key…

Now here’s the key to the “Having your cake and eating it too in business” – There is absolute empirical evidence that there ARE people doing just that. Heck there are cake parties beyond most people’s wildest dreams happening everyday in home businesses across the world. There are literally hundreds of thousands of children on this planet, even in our “you can’t have your cake and eat it too society”, whose parents are their primary caregivers, whose parents are the people who spend the most time with them – Not their nanny, or their homecare specialist.

As an entrepreneur there is a solid reason to look for empirical evidence that you CAN in fact have your cake and eat it too. The number one reason is that THE quickest ways to be successful yourself is to model other people’s success. Look for leaders in whatever industry you’re in, people who have achieved what you’re looking to achieve and look for the road map they used and follow it.

I’ll have it all thanks!

In closing, here’s a quick exercise for you to start practicing having your cake and eating it too: When someone says to you “Would you prefer cream or chocolate sauce” say BOTH. When someone says “What would you choose between a Ferrari and a Porsche?” say BOTH! Why? Because you can actually HAVE both! The means, or the vehicle, to having both is the key.