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Depressed, Skinny and Unhappy…

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depressed skinny and unhappy | Liz Benny

Yep, I went from Depressed, Skinny and Unhappy … To … Vibrant, Happy and Fully Fulfilled.

No long ago I popped anti depressants to help me get through my day and popped sleeping pills to get me through the night. I was unhappy, skinny, unconfident, and desperately hard on myself. That was the old me though. Now, I’m new and improved!

Who is Liz Benny?

If I were you right now, I’d be thinking “who is this person and why would I read their message?” (that is, of course, if you’re terribly on the logical end of the scale… ) or… perhaps you’re just looking to get the feel for how this blog will go… wondering what the message is all about and how it relates to you. Whoever you are, “Hi, I’m Liz Benny. I’m 35 years old and I’m an online marketer and business coach.” Mainly, I’m here on this planet in order to spread as much love, joy, fun and happiness in our world as possible.

A Very Different “Me”

I look back just a few years or so ago, and remember a different “Liz” than I am now. She desperately wanted to make a difference. She wanted to make others feel happy, achieve their dreams, live life out loud, with passion and zest… to her, helping others was all that mattered.

Therein lies the dilemma – one that I had to pull myself out from, if I was going to realise my dream. How the heck could I help anyone else, if I myself, was depressed, skinny and unhappy?

I remember too, going through a period of time when I was just so confused. I knew I had the potential to make a difference, heck … everyone does… but… I was “Little Liz Benny… Just Liz Benny”… “Only Liz Benny”.

More recently, something in me clicked.

Something shifted so much that there was no going back. I’d done years and years of personal development books and conferences (which had their place at the time). I’d been through counselling sessions after counselling session where I was looking to find the answers to the big questions: “What’s my life about?”, “Why am I here?” and even “what’s the point?” I finally did something different: I sought the answers in a place I hadn’t yet looked – inside myself.

In doing so, I learnt how wonderful I am, I learnt I had this inner beauty and power that radiates from within me, I learnt that I have the ability to do anything I chose to… and I learnt that I can, in fact, make a difference. So, I guess, the moral to this story … is … go within. All your answers are there, you just have to go looking.

Happiness from Christchurch, New Zealand
~ Liz Benny